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Billings Forge Community Works General Information
140 Russ Street St. N110 Hartford, CT 06106
(860) 548-9877

Cary Wheaton, Executive Director
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Mike Miller, Director of Special Projects 
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Jennifer Roach, Garden Instructor

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Karem Perez-Rivera, Director of Community Building
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Stacey Lopez, Director of Youth Development
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Luz Conde, Administrative Assistant
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Apartments at Billings Forge
Rosanna Santos, Property Manager
(860) 278-5000 voice
(860) 727-1217 fax
email Rosanna

Farmers' Market at Billings Forge
Karem Perez-Rivera (860) 548-9877 ext. 215
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Garden at Billings Forge
Jennifer Roach (860) 548-9877 ext. 212
email Jennifer


The Kitchen at Billings Forge
Steve Acton, Executive Chef
(860) 548-9877
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Production Chef at The Kitchen

Becky McGuigan, Head Baker

(860) 548-9877 x 202

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Catering at The Kitchen

Sue Hayes, Catering Sales Administrator

(860) 548-9877 x 202

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The Studio at Billings Forge
Karem Perez- Rivera

(860) 548-9877 x 215
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Luz Conde

(860) 548-9877 x 206

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Volunteer at Billings Forge


Firebox Restaurant at Billings Forge
Spiros Koulouris General Manager 
539 Broad Street Hartford, CT 06106
(860) 246-1222
email Spiro