Why Frog Hollow?


BFCW envisions a strong, stable and vibrant Frog Hollow where all residents have access to healthy and affordable food; where all youth have access to quality education and enrichment programming; and where there are job opportunities for all neighborhood residents.



What we’ve learned and what we know about successful community building is that it will take time and it has to come from and be driven by the community. At the same time, we have significant food-related expertise to contribute in the short run, which will continue to make a difference. This vision, then, intends to position us to work toward the long-term goal of deeper and wider community engagement, while at the same time continuing to provide near-term impact around our food-related expertise. In the coming years, we aim to build our capacity to more deeply engage with the local community and continue to use our expertise and resources to make a contribution toward addressing the highest priority community needs.


Based on our review of key community needs and our expertise, we will focus on further developing our activities that aim to address employment and youth-related issues in the community, specifically around facilitating access to living wage culinary careers and to quality out-of-school time programs for youth. In the near-term we will also focus on building our capacity to intentionally create networks of relationships in the neighborhood, and ultimately to help mobilize the social capital of the Frog Hollow community.


Guiding Principles

Four guiding principles that sit at the core of our philosophy:

  • Authentic Community Engagement: We will invest in activities that authentically reflect the needs and wants of the community are of the highest quality, and that make a significant impact.

  • Food for Good: We will utilize our deep expertise in diverse culinary enterprises for the benefit of the community, including increasing access to quality, local food.

  • Collaboration: We will collaborate with community stakeholders, not duplicate the efforts of other organizations, and we will provide leadership in the community where appropriate.

  • Sustainability: We believe that our social enterprises should – as much as possible – operate as sustainable business enterprises while meeting their social missions


More information on our Strategic Business Plan, Executive Summary